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Dec 21, 2012 6:00am PST
. to the west, sunny skies across the western great plains and the next storm system pushes onshore to oregon. actually in, oregon, you saw 159 kilometer mile per hour winds today. and we could still see strong sustained winds. 150 centimeters of snow into the higher elevations. definitely a very potent winter storm. we'll be be watching that one in the northwest. let's take a look across the ocean into eastern asia. this system pushing through western japan now and this will start to bring heavy rainshowers already to western japan and work its way to the east. saturday, expect widespread rain that will shift over to snow. especially over to hokkaido. and tokyo area. and outside of the city, could be seeing some accumulations of snow to the downtown area, and looks like flurries will be falling here. doesn't look like it will be accumulating up and more snowfall. sea-affect snow machine begins to turn back on. across the western portions and towar hokaido. and on your monday meeting going into christmas day. meanwhile, high pressure dominating in the northeast. keeping things chilly. beijing
Dec 21, 2012 4:00am PST
worked hard to clear the roads across southern oregon. but heavy snow still caused a number of crashes. after one accident, a 30-mile stretch of interstate 5 had to be shut down. >>> another slick day for drivers in the pacific northwest and northern california. the commute will be treacherous across the midwest, even as the snow moves out. wet and windy highways from boston to d.c. snowy roads from northern new england to the ohio valley and appalachians. >> if you're flying today, airport delays are possible in chicago, detroit, d.c., philly, new york, boston and san francisco. >> there are airport delays everywhere. say that. >>> now, to the breaking news overnight from chicago. one of those bank robbers who made an amazing escape from jail has been recaptured. >> here we go. joseph banks, along with kenneth conley, managed to squeeze out through a tiny, tiny space and scale down 20 stories, using bedsheets. the escape went unnoticed for hours, with surveillance video from a nearby street showing the two no longer wearing those orange jail-issued jumpsuits. hopped into a cab. banks
Dec 20, 2012 6:30pm PST
causÓ accidentes de trÁnsito, en oregon autoridades pidieron precauciÓn al manejar y en chicago, muros alteraron plane izquierdo de vacaciones por la cance lagos y retrasos de cientos de vuelos aÉreos. >>> el presidente de la cÁmara de representantes john boehner dijo que despuÉs de la aprobaciÓn en la cÁmara baja ya dependorÁ del presidente barack obama si acepta la propuesta o de lo contrario serÁ Él responsable de un incremento de impuestos para los estadounidenses. >>> por su parte el senado amenazÓ con no dejar pasar el plan de john boehner que busca evitar que los aumenten los impuestos o lo que ganan hasta un millÓn de dolares al aÑo. >>> autoridades investigan como fue que un arma comprada en phoenix arizona por un ex agente federal terminÓ en el lugar dÓnde murio baleada esta reina de belleza mariana susana flores, y cuatro de sus acompaÑantes en mÉxico. el arma fue encuentro arda luego de un enfrentamiento que se registrÓ en noviembre en miembros del cartel de sinaloa y miembros del ejÉrcito mexicano. >>> y en california, dÓnde la familia y los fans de jenni
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Dec 21, 2012 10:00am PST
a number of storms lined up across northern california and southern oregon. places like san francisco and medford, oregon. some areas, another seven or eight inches of rain over next four to five days. that means flooding concerns. this is much colder storm than we saw a couple weeks ago. so big-time snowfall accumulations up to six feet of snow across some of the higher elevations. the good news is, travelwise, the next couple of days are looking good. the next big storm that we're potentially looking at is christmas across parts of the plains. megyn: rick, thank you. merry christmas to you. >> same to you. megyn: so we heard mike tobin say o'hare was okay but the states around there have been dealing with changing conditions. we've seen lots and lots of flight cancellations past couple days. we'll check in with courtney scott, senior editor of travelocity. courtney, thanks for being here with us. what is the situation now? we heard more than a thousand flights canceled over the past couple days. >> that's right. there have been significance selllations and delays throughout the enti
Dec 20, 2012 6:00pm PST
the school, at a shopping mall in oregon and aurora movie theater were all with an ar-15? are you aware of that? >> i'm aware of that. and all it would take is for one person with a concealed handgun to put them out of business. and that happenses quite a bit and i think it happens more so -- >> so your suggest at sandy hook would be for one of the female teachers to pull a gun and would shoot somebody with limited training, would shoot somebody carrying an ar-15 that could fire up to 100 bullets in a minute? that would be your solution? >> no, that's not the solution, sir. >> what do you mean, then? i misunderstood you. >> i think that probably there should be an equal amount of fi firepower that a teacher should have. a principal should possibly have an ar in her office. and -- >> let me get this straight. you're suggesting that a female teacher at an elementary sdool would have her own ar-15 assault weapon and would start firing 100 bullets at another guy with school children everywhere? that is your solution, is it? >> why are we beating up on the women here, whether it be a women t
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Dec 21, 2012 1:00am PST
of eugene, oregon got an award for banning christmas trees in any public space out there. let's start up with the -- by the way it's ebb feeser scrooge based on christmas carol by charles dickens. most people know that but i wanted to clarify. >> first runner is santa monica after having nativity scene on display for 60 years. they put the scene in moth balls and took it away. >> bill: they said you could do real life people or something we covered this briefly. an atheist attacked the display. >> yes. >> the atheist, the courts have ruled that you can have these things but if an atheist wants a display, they have to have it too, right? is that the law. >> right. they have the right. supreme court decided they have to give equal space. atheists so far out there and they wanted to the do all this disparagement of religion in santa monica they decided not to do anything. >> they flooded the lottery and had a lot of displays. the live spray r. displays are inside churches. >> bill: 50 year tradition because of one pinhead and his crew. >> yes. >> bill: who else. >> winner of the ward should
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Dec 21, 2012 12:00pm PST
across northern california and southern oregon and not moving inland. we will see some of this energy across the central plains on tuesday, so, christmas day, hopefully everyone is already hope and places like oklahoma and arkansas could be looking at a white christmas on tuesday. >>neil: how about that. thank you, rick. as we mentioned the bad weather is making if difficult holiday traveling, and messy highways out there, and night delays, just days before christmas, and mike tolan is live at chicago's o'hare. what is the situation? >>reporter: the worst of the delays are behind us. the big board shows "on time" and "on time." thank lake michigan. it turns a lot of warm up up and the storm became rain and we did not get significant snow in chicago. you have crowds here and people are waiting in line but that is because 200,000 people are going through the airport. the airlines planned for it. if you are going over the river and through the woods to grandmother's house you cannot blame o'hare and midway is cooking along. >>gregg: thank you, like, from chicago. you are not going home t
Dec 20, 2012 11:30pm PST
in southern oregon reopened after being closed for seven hours because of snow. a dump caused the closure in the grants pass area. the closure was one of several weather delays across the state. >>> happening now, dozens of people are gathering to celebrate what some believe are their last few hours on earth. amber lee is live in oakland where some people say it's not about the end but a new beginning, amber. >> reporter: julie we're inside the uptown nightclub where there's a doomsday party underway right now. the owner tells us he's expecting up to 300 people. and oakland based group called the younger lovers is entertaining the crowd. the mood is upbeat despite the theme about the end of the world. many people say it's more about a new beginning. >> new zealand is still around so i think we're going to be okay. >> i think something new is going to happen next year or for many years to come. >> reporter: the end of the mayan calendar has prompted many to prepare. but the prediction of an acopolipt. we'll have to wait and see if we'll all be around after mid- night. reporting live, amb
Dec 21, 2012 6:00am PST
as well. including colorado, oregon, and nevada. governor jerry brown in fact asked all californians to pause and reflect at this moment. president obama and the first lady also observing moments of silence from the white house at exactly 6:30 this friday morning. one week since the shootings at sandy hook elementary school. another interesting development that could happen right now. traffic on the internet is expected to plummet. gun control supporters created the website calling for a web blackout. it's an online moment of silence for the newtown shooting victims. companies taking part include aol and adobe. celebrities taking part include former californian governor arnold schwarzenegger, former 49er quarterback joe montana, mc hammer, and twitter cofounder jack darsey. >>> police and federal agents are combing through the records of a gun shop. police raided the business after learning the store has a history of weapons being stolen. on saturday a man with a history of schizophrenia reportedly stole an assault rifle that has since been found. the man had previously been accused
Dec 21, 2012 6:00pm EST
that ginny mentioned at the top of the lightning round. brandon in oregon. >> caller: how are you doing today? >> it's a good day. how about you? >> caller: real good. my question is what are your thoughts on snap-on? >> it's one of my favorites. let's go to gregory in mississippi. gregory. wow, gregory. >> caller: thank you for taking my call, mr. cramer. my question is on company wr grace. it's had a good run this year. i was wondering your opinion. >> i have to save that one. i used to know grace and i'm not sure what's in it and stock is red hot. i vow to be bullish about it if i can find out more about it other than the chart. we'll do work on grace next week. let's go to jim in the little state of delaware. jim? >> caller: how are you, jim? what's your take on pandora, the big p? >> i don't want no pandora. i like to have companies that have a clear end game and that one doesn't have it. that's the conclusion of the lightning round. >> announcer: the lightning round sponsored by td ameasure trade. sure trade. ure trade. re trade. e trade. trade. trade. ameritrade. classic buy signal. i'
Dec 21, 2012 7:00am EST
at good samaritan hospital in portland. i love oregon. where you live down there is just absolutely -- caller: we go without electricity a lot been very guest: thank you for calling. caller: i just wanted to say that president obama unfortunately -- i am a democrat and a hard in true believer in caring and living the words that were spoken by jesus and every other holy man about loving each other. he has given in eight times more to go along with the republican party that has said absolutely no to everythingi saw teh statistics -- everything. i saw the statistics of how much of the ultra wealthy would hav eto pay. it is in minuscule amount of money they are payicomplaining about. lots and lots of wealthy americans are denouncing their american citizenship so they do not have to pay any taxes in america. as far as these kids in sandy, my oldest daughter told me we are going to see lots more of these things unless kids are given a better future to hope for rather than being some rich person's slave. host: thank you for the call. guest: you are right. the rich, no matter what the tax l
Dec 21, 2012 7:00am PST
in southern oregon. lower elevations just picked up four to five inches of snow. plenty of rain. plenty of snow. there's two systems that will move across the country. does that mean that we see snow in the northeast by tuesday? and then, another chance again next week, thursday and friday? that's really possible. we'll watch these storms move across the country. but for today, take a look at the east coast. there's some problems traveling from the great lakes, all the way in the northeast. storms have dried out in the southeast. the middle of the country is pretty good. and that brand-new storm system in the northwest today. quick look at the big board. milder in some places of >> all of america's weather was brought to you by smucker's. and we have much more following the storms across the country throughout the morning. >> that's a big story. all right, sam. thanks so much. >>> coming up, was there really a great flood in the time of noah and the ark? christiane amanpour is here to reveal the secrets at the bottom of the sea. >>> and celebrities versus the paparazzi. we hear from jen
Dec 21, 2012 6:00am EST
check-up, a tool developed by the child and family certain at the university of oregon which highlights evidence-based parenting skills in preventing initiation of drug use among youth. so as i close, we should remind ourselves that our good health is a gift. it is precious, it is fragile, and it's particularly fragile for our kids. so while we've made progress on a number of these issues, we need to redouble our efforts for prevention. we all can do more to help our kids enjoy a fighting chance for health. thank you very much. [applause] >> thank you, dr. koh. i've had the fortunate opportunity and unique one to interact with dr. koh and his staff over the last number of years on a number of initiatives, and currently, of course, working with dr. volkow and previously having the opportunity to work with our next speaker who is mr. gil coal kousky who was nominated by president obama and confirmed by the u.s. senate as director of the office of national drug control policy in the white house. in this position, he coordinates all aspects of federal drug control programs and implementatio
Dec 21, 2012 9:00am EST
are you in oregon? caller: out in the woods and the country, between the coast and the ocean. guest: i medical doctor and i did might in turn ship at good samaritan hospital in portland. i love oregon. where you live is absolutely -- caller: we go without electricity a lot. yesterday we had no electricity. thank you very much. i just wanted to say that president obama, unfortunately -- i am a democrat and a hard in true believer in caring and loving and living the words that were spoken by jesus and every other holy man about love each other. he has given in tons more than most of us wanted him to give in to go along with the republican party that has said absolutely no to everything they say they will not cooperate at all. i saw the statistics of how much extra money the wealthy would have to pay because their taxes would be raised. we're talking one or two%. it is a miniscule amounts of money they are complaining about it is the age-old problem called greedy. lots and lots of the wealthy americans are denouncing their american citizenship so they don't have to pay any taxes in americ
Dec 21, 2012 6:00am PST
, five states allow firearms on campus. oregon, utah, colorado, wisconsin, and mississippi. but there are 300 colleges and universities that want guns banned. in an open letter they are asking lawmakers and the president to oppose legislation that would allow guns on campus. they want the gun show loophole closed. they want safety standards like locks for all guns. two college presidents behind this are lawrence shaw and elizabeth keish. they join us live. thank you for coming in. bereally appreciate it. so what prompted the letter, president shaw? >> sunday night i think along with the rest of america was watching the service in newtown, and afterwards i lay in bed and tried to get to sleep and i couldn't fall asleep and was haunted by president obama's challenge i think to us, to all of america that we could do better. so i got up and i started to write, and took about an hour and i put something together and the next morning i sent it to some friends who were also presidents, elizabeth being one of them, and we got a pretty positive response, and so we thought we'd send
Dec 21, 2012 3:00am PST
happened in oregon, what happened in colorado, what happened in virginia, what happened in connecticut, what continues happening, congressman. so we can't at least talk about guns without you questioning my integrity and saying that i'm using the death of 20 children to try to make life for my children a little bit safer? we can't even talk about it without you coming on this show -- >> joe -- >> -- and insulting me personally? >> i didn't say it was you politicizing it. you're not even a politician anymore, and i understand that. you look around this town, you look within 24 hours, folks running on and saying hey, we need to change the laws. when they don't even know the situation. >> sir -- >> all i'm saying is let's spend time looking at that but not to use the tragedy. as a very famous political strategist from chicago said, don't let any crisis go unused. i do not want to politicize this. >> let me get this straight. so you can come on the show and say what i've said, by the way, that we've got to look at violent video games, and we've got to look at a violent culture that hollywo
Dec 21, 2012 5:00pm EST
oregon. mr. wyden: mr. president, both sides are working on an agreement to approve the intelligence authorization bill for 2013 by unanimous consent. i voted against this legislation when it was marked up in committee. i objected to it here on the floor last month. but i am able to support it at this time. the bill has a number of valuable provisions in it and i thank chairwoman feinstein and vice chairman chambliss for making the changes in the bill to address my concerns. the changes that senators feinstein and chambliss have made would remove a number of provisions that were intended to reduce unauthorized disclosures of classified information of course known as leaks. i objected to these provisions because, in my view, they would have harmed first amendment rights, led to less-informed public debate about national security issues, and undermined the due process rights of intelligence agency employees without actually enhancing national security. i'm going to take just a few minutes to explain my views on this so that those who are not on the intelligence committee and who have n
Search Results 0 to 22 of about 23 (some duplicates have been removed)